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oxycodone-hydrochlorideOne of the most powerful and habit-forming medications in the medical field for the treatment of pain is Oxycodone. This drug is manufactured under various formulations and brand names, and despite the habit-forming potential that use of this drug has, millions of prescriptions are prescribed annually by doctors. Oxycodone is an opiate analgesic that reduces pain but when abused can lead to tolerance, addiction and the need for professional treatment for recovery.

Addiction Signs and Symptoms

Various signs and symptoms may become evident when a user switches over from prescribed use of Oxycodone to abusive use to addiction. When a user is abusing Oxycodone, they may take more than they are supposed to or they may take doses more often than they should. This use typically does not include any physical or psychological dependency factors—at least not at this point.

As Oxycodone abuse continues on, physical and psychological dependence will develop and various signs and symptoms of addiction are likely to pop up. The most common include:

  • Being preoccupied with oxycodone
  • Doctor shopping to obtain oxycodone
  • Restless thoughts or behaviors, mostly associated with oxycodone
  • Using oxycodone secretively
  • Lying about oxycodone use
  • Hiding oxycodone around the house
  • Stealing to obtain more oxycodone

These symptoms are likely to continue to become worse as the Oxycodone addiction progresses through various phases. Ultimately, the user will succumb his or her life to Oxycodone and the primary focus will be all about Oxycodone and not so much about anything else that matters such work or school, family or relationships or other responsibilities.

Oxycodone Addiction Treatment

If Oxycodone addiction is causing problems in your life, professional treatment may be the only real chance you have at recovery. Maybe you’ve tried to quit on your own or maybe you just can’t seem to get past the symptoms of Oxycodone withdrawal – it doesn’t matter what your individual situation is, we can help you get treatment for Oxycodone addiction.

Call our helpline at 800-895-1695 to talk with a counselor who cares about your individual needs, who wants to help you make the right decision and who can educate you on the treatment options that are available in your area to help you overcome Oxycodone addiction. This addiction can become a thing of the past once you find the right treatment and care for your individual needs – our counselors can help!

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