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iStock_000013652694XSmallWithdrawal symptoms are one of the most widely touted reasons that most Oxycodone users can’t seem to kick the habit. In fact, many Oxycodone addicts who want to quit have tried to quit on their own but continue to use the drug once the withdrawal symptoms start to become so severe that they simply cannot cope without it. Unfortunately, Oxycodone withdrawal is a necessary process in the addiction treatment protocol that every recovering addict will have to go through—but it doesn’t have to be all so bad.

Advances in treatment for Oxycodone addiction have led to improved methods of detox which means that the user no longer has to feel serious side effects and suffer through dangerous complications of withdrawal. Users now have options available to assist them through the detoxification phase of treatment and to reduce withdrawal symptoms or, in some cases, completely eliminate the symptoms of withdrawal all together.


The average user will go through a wide range of symptoms when he or she begins to withdraw from Oxycodone. Physically, the user may feel tired, lethargic, and nauseous or have internal pain. Psychologically, the user may feel extreme cravings to use Oxycodone. Many of these symptoms will go away in a matter of a few days or so but for some, the symptoms of Oxycodone withdrawal may persist for many weeks and psychological cravings and urges could persist for months or even years following treatment.


The length of time that it takes for withdrawal symptoms to complete subside will differ from one user to the next. In fact, the withdrawal duration can even differ from one instance to the next. For instance, you may have been addicted to Oxycodone before and experienced withdrawal symptoms for a period of 7 days when you quit using. If you relapsed and started using again, in your next bout of recovery, you may go through withdrawal symptoms for a shorter or longer period of time.

There’s really no way to know how long withdrawal symptoms will last regardless of what may have been in the past or any other factors. Generally, those who have used Oxycodone for a prolonged period of time or excessively will have greater withdrawal symptoms that last longer than those with a short bout of addiction but this isn’t always the case.

Help for Oxycodone Withdrawal

Those who are addicted and think that they can’t quit because they won’t be able to make it through withdrawal should seek professional help. Oxycodone withdrawal is a difficult part of the recovery process but it’s one that can be treated and one that you can make it through with the right support. Treatment programs provide users with moral support, medical treatment and quality care to help them get through Oxycodone withdrawal and begin the path to recovery.

For help, call our helpline at 1-800-895-1695 to talk to a counselor. Our counselors care about you and your needs and can help you get past the difficult stages of Oxycodone addiction and renew your sobriety in recovery.

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