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oxycodoneHow long does it really take to withdraw from Oxycodone and get back to normal? That’s the question most users have when they do try to make the honest attempt to quit using. Oxycodone withdrawal duration will differ from one user to the next and may be prolonged by various health related factors as well as the length of time that an individual was addicted to Oxycodone and the level of drug abuse.

Typically, the withdrawal duration for a drug like Oxycodone is somewhere between 4 and 14 days. This is true for most opiates except for in the instance when an opiate such as Methadone is being eliminated from the equation in which case the withdrawal symptoms can, and often do, last for weeks.

Everyone is different and there are factors that can increase the Oxycodone withdrawal duration such as the length of time that the drug was used and the level of drug use. For a user who has only been taking Oxycodone for a few weeks, withdrawals may only last a few days but for a user who has taken excessive amounts of Oxycodone for years, withdrawals could last more than two weeks.

How quickly withdrawal symptoms go away also depends on how the user works to eliminate the withdrawal symptoms. For instance, a user who exercises, eats cleansing foods and drinks plenty of water will naturally detox faster than a user who doesn’t take good care of him or herself. While health and diet aren’t everything when it comes to Oxycodone withdrawal, the duration of symptoms can be reduced with proper care.

Minor aches and pains will typically dissipate over time and within a few weeks you should begin to feel somewhat normal again. The Oxycodone withdrawal duration cannot necessarily be changed as it’s really up to your body to decide how quickly you will feel better. For some, this process goes very smoothly and quickly while for others it takes time and isn’t so comfortable—the only real way to know how long it will take for you is to get through the process and remain abstinent from Oxycodone and other drugs.

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